This piece of c**p was my very first guitar... a FirstAct ME445
It sounded like s**t, and wouldn't stay in tune long enough to
finish a riff.  I unloaded it on the first sucker that wanted it.
...glad to see it gone.
  This was my second guitar... an Epiphone Wildkat. It was a semi-hollow body electric in the "arch top" style.  The niftiest part about it was the Bigsby tremolo system, which used the roll bar method.
Had to give this one up to pay rent, one month.
  My next one was an Epiphone Ace Frehley/Les Paul Custom...
It had 3 DiMarzio super distortion humbucker pickups, of which
the middle pickup was hard-wired to be "always on"... no volume or tone control for it. (neither wanted, or needed). By this time, I noticed that all of the Epiphone hard-shell cases smell like fresh Play-Doh, when they're new.  This one had to leave me to pay for moving expenses.
  Here we have my fourth, and current guitar...
an Epiphone LP-100.
I'm sure you've noticed by now, that I'm partial to Epiphone... that's because they're functionally and architecturally equivalent to their Gibson counterparts, which I am most fond of, but the Epiphone guitars have the better price tag.