Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Where do I get my marriage license in each County?
Licenses are issued by the circuit clerk's office in the town designated
as the "county seat" for each of the counties in the state.
Check this document for a listing of Mississippi circuit clerks, and
their phone numbers.

Cost of License
What is the cost of a marriage license?
The marriage license fee is $21.00 dollars in Forrest/Lamar, and is similarly (if not identically)
priced in other Counties... Accepted form of payment is usually just cash.

Residency Requirements
What are the residency requirements for Mississippi?
None. You do not have to be a previous or current resident of Mississippi to obtain a marriage license that is valid statewide.

Is there a waiting period from the date the license is issued to the date I am allowed to marry?
No, you can marry immediately after receiving your license.

Age Requirement
What is the minimum age a man or woman may marry?
You must be 21 years old or older to marry without parental consent. A birth certificate may be necessary to show proof of age.

What if one or both of us is younger than 21?
If either partner is under 21, parental consent forms must be signed. You will need a certified copy of your birth certificate.

Blood Tests and Physical Exams
Are blood tests or physical exams required?
As of July of 2012, the couple is no longer required to take a blood test prior to receiving a license. Physical
exams have never been a requirement.

How long does a marriage license remain valid once it's been issued?
Your license will expire 90 days from the date it is issued.

Divorced and Widowed Applicants
What if one or both partners have been divorced or have had a spouse die?
If previously married, the date of divorce or date of spouse's death must be
provided. If the divorce or spouse's death had taken place within the last 6
months, bring a certified copy of the divorce decree or death certificate. A
copy of your divorce records or spouse's death certificate can be ordered online.

How Do I Legally Change My Name?
What's the process of legally changing my last name after marriage?
Following your wedding ceremony, you will get your license back, which
proves that you are legally married. Bring it with you to the local office
of the Social Security Administration. They will make it happen, there.

Are proxy marriages legal?
No, marriage by proxy is not allowed.

Are cousin marriages legal?
No, cousin marriages are not allowed.

Are common law marriages legal?
No, common-law marriages are not allowed.

Are same sex marriages legal?
Yes. This used to be forbidden in the state of Mississippi, but
it is now allowed.  All other restrictions, (see above) still apply.





















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